I was born in Canada but I grew-up in Trinidad and Tobago. My job as a video journalist allows me to see the world. I’ve worked in six Canadian provinces/territories. I’ve also reported from Alaska, USA, Mexico, Australia and Trinidad and Tobago. In 2012, CBC awarded me the Joan Donaldson Scholarship.

I spent over two years reporting for CBC News in Canada’s Arctic. Based in Inuvik, N.W.T., I held the title as CBC News’ northernmost video journalist.

Now I am CBC News’ correspondent in the Fort McMurray. I arrived on the ground in 2016 after the Fort McMurray wildfire, Canada’s most expensive insured disaster. I am reporting about the rebuild and other provincial and national issues such as the economy, energy, environmental issues, provincial politics and the quirks and charms of Canada’s oilsands capital.

You can read, listen and watch my stories on CBC Edmonton, also in other CBC regions and the national CBC web page and newscasts.