I write regularly for CBCNews.ca. Over the years I have written for a variety of outlets; including the Ryersonian and theTrinidad and Tobago Guardian. Below is a quick sample of my clippings with web links.

Inspection reports cite environmental concerns with Mackenzie Valley fibre optic project

Digging through inspection reports resulted in this story. 

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End of an era for Nellie Cournoyea, the ‘Iron Lady of the North’

The story behind one of the North’s most influential women.

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Tuktoyaktuk man recovering from cancer performs daring ice rescue

An amazing story that’s too good to be true. You have to read it to believe it.

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VIDEO: German kayakers capture drone footage on western river tour

Lots of adventure seekers kayak to Inuvik. Not many travel the river with a drone as seen in this story.


Hep C treatment, costing $150K, sought by N.W.T. tainted blood victim

Rudolph Cardinal came to me with his personal story that he couldn’t get a life saving treatment for a treatment to cure a disease the health system caused. Read his story here.

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VIDEO: Bannock recipe: How to make a northern staple

A how-to-story for those who don’t know how to make bannock. Here’s the story I wrote and the video I edited.BushBannock

VIDEO: Inuk pilot retires after final flight to Inuvik, N.W.T.

Cecil Hansen, is believed to be Canada’s first Inuk Pilot. I produced a quick story marking his last flight.

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Speeding Tickets in 2012 in HRM

This is one of my first data-journalism projects. I acquired a database with all the the speeding tickets that the RCMP and the Halifax Regional Police gave across the city during 2012. The database contained several columns of data that allowed us to construct this map and infographic. I also produced several radio and TV reports from the data.

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Sex, swear words banned on N.S. licence plates

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.33.08 PMPitched and executed a cross-platform story about banned personalized licence plates for radio, TV and online. The meat of the story came from a Freedom of Information request that showed 2966 things you cannot put on Nova Scotian licence plate. We presented this data with the help of an interactive game where readers could type in plate names into an online widget and see if the requested plate was banned.  Story & Interactive. 

LIVE BLOG: The Ryersonian’s sneak peak at the Gardens
The media got a special tour of the construction of Ryerson University’s athletic centre at the Gardens. I managed and led the coverage of this historic event as online managing editor for the ryersonian.ca. We prepared a whole package of pre and post coverage and live blogged the media unveiling. You can see the archive of this coverage here. Also read more about how the editorial plan was executed here.

No bail for ‘best friend’
She’s 20; holds a level one in certified accounting, and is charged with Avita Bissoondath’s kidnapping. Read more.

Vindra murder accused in short-lived dash to freedom
One of the accused charged with the murder and kidnapping of Xtra Foods CEO, Vindra Naipaul-Coolman, made a daring but unsuccessful lunge for freedom yesterday. Read more.

Statistics reveal major decline in worshippers Local RC church in trouble
A crisis is looming in the local Roman Catholic Church. A declining flock, empty pews,
ageing and dying priests are some of the worrying, telling signs. Read more.