A house for M.r. E.J. Lennox

David Thurton, 2nd Year Feature Writing

E.J. Lennox built Toronto’s first skyscraper and its Old City Hall, yet he never constructed a house for himself. That was until billionaire Sir Henry Pellatt sanctioned Lennox to build his castle: Casa Loma. It was as if the freedom to create a fairy-tale released in Lennox a suppressed yearning to titillate his own design fetish. And so in 1905 Lennox bought three acres of land beside the castle and designed his residence. A quarter of a million dollars later, a 21 room mansion appeared that resembles a Swiss chalet garnished with a red terra cotta roof.

Lenwil; the house designed and formerly owned by E.J. Lennox

Today both Lenwil and Casa Loma have become fraternal twins looming over Davenport Road. However, despite the two houses’ close association, Lenwil hasn’t resonated as one of city’s architectural wonders. In the summer, tourists flock to Casa Loma like wild ants swarming a caramel toffee left on the ground. Lenwil, however, languishes, forgotten by Toronto.

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