TTC horror stories: The Blond Dragon

Every Torontonian who takes the TTC on a regular basis has their own horror stories. I too have mine. But it’s not as great as one passenger’s encounter with the “Blond Dragon” published in  Tuesday’s Toronto Star. The account is but one of hundreds of complaints the Star got hold of after a freedom of information request from the TTC.    GET THE STORY

I became the target of her vileness … I always try to be courteous and exit via the rear doors (but) my position on the car this morning had me directly beside the front door, so I decided to exit via this way instead of pushing my way through other passengers. Well I guess this made her day because it allowed her the opportunity to yell … she yelled at the top of her lungs four times … ‘EXIT AT THE REAR DOOOOORS!!!’ …I turned around and calmly asked her, ‘Why are you such a bitch to the passengers’ Her loud reply: ‘BECAUSE I ENJOY IT!!!’ … I do have to say that the majority of the TTC employees I encounter on a daily basis are courteous and a good number of them are downright friendly. What a delight! But not the Blonde Dragon!

Many Torontonians rely on the TTC's fleet of buses, trains, and/ or this Queen street car to get to work. By David Thurton

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