Richard celebrates COP’s victory

While some PNM voters still have election tabanca, supporters of the People’s Partnership are  celebrating their party’s victory. They relish the change they hope the coalition party will bring. One such person is Richard Mural, a member of the COP’s Youth Congress.

Less than three hours after the polls closed, I rushed to the Queen’s Park Savannah to deliver a brown sealed envelope to the COP  tent pitched near Citibank.  Songs like Vote Dem Out and our popular campaign song Manning Must Go blared from underneath the camp. I quickly maneouvred myself through the crowd asking whose hands this confidential package must land in. In it were the election results for the polling station I monitored that day.

Mission accomplished, I listened to the results as they started to trickle in from a television setup underneath the tent. Some friends and I soon went over to the COP  flagship house on Traggerete Road. There, everyone’s eyes were also on the television, and soon including myself. I was  extremely anxious  from the time I entered the doors  of the COP’s house.  My inner voice told me, “Richard you have done it. You have worked extremely hard now. Now it’s the time for change.”

My history and reasons for joining the COP began in 2006. That’s when it was first formed. The moment I read about them they stood out to me immediately. I sensed a community of love there. But it was one Saturday morning when I was walking through Sweet Briar Road, St Clair, I saw their booth.  I learn’t about what they stood for as a party. The people’s warmth and hospitality confirmed that I wanted to be in this party, that I wanted to support them. The first person I met and became friends immediately with was Ryan D’arcy . He encouraged me deeply to be a part of the party.

I was convinced. I joined the Youth Congress. And in this election worked in the Port-of- Spain South Constituency and in the Diego Martin Constituency. On the campaign trail I saw many youth follow disciples Jack Warner and Winston Dookeran.  These men have been two great inspirations towards us. Every time there was a walk about in the depressed areas we always had a large turn out . In every campaign rally there was always a strong message to carry back home with us and they were often packed with persons.

I chose to do this. I felt it’s my call to bring peace and stand for the rights of the citizens of my country, bringing light to to this nation and the entire world. There is so much I know I can offer. And I want to do so with humility. Too often I have seen people become leaders, but they have failed miserably. They love power and they love the limelight . I often dream about becoming a leader for this country of Trinidad and Tobago. But it’s important to start from small things.

Almost six hours after polls closed the election results were clear. The COP together with the People’s Partnership one the election. People cheered and ran into the streets announcing victory for the COP. I was happy. I had tears running down my eyes. It was a moment of joy. I partied until 2 am.

Currently  the future for Trinidad and Tobago is on the steps of advancement  and we are reaching the goals of the 2020 Vision. I am beginning to see areas being addressed which were never touched before, such as flooding an issues we’ve faced for decades.


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