Ai Weiwei- Jasmine Revolution

Ai Weiwei is a Chineese artist. He’s been arrested since April.

His crime: tax evasion; the authorities say. But the real reason is his active condemnation of the status-quo.

One Ai Weiwei message comes through to me with special clarity. He makes it plain that the Communist Party of China has become the Capitalist Dictatorship Party: “People associated with the Party are getting very rich. They stripped all of the state-owned property and became tyrants of energy and transportation and everything. They are multi-billionaires, bigger than the Western world thinks.”

The National Post

We’d do well look out for his name. This week is the first time I’ve seen an article about him in the national newspapers. The Economist regularly writes articles about Ai.

The idea of a “Jasmine Revolution” has been tossed around in China. This would be similar to the Arab uprising that overthrew goverments in Tunisia and Egypt.

Ai has been associated with this movement. And has endured the government’s attempt to crack down on any chance of this movement growing.


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