Mexican mini documentary

Did I tell you I was in Mexico this summer?

Yes, for nine days.

Cancun? Acapulco?

No, Cuernavaca. Or as the local say Uernavaca

In May, I and six other students from Canadian universities went to Mexico for a cultural immersion experience. But I didn’t just go to learn. I went to Mexico to produce a mini-documentary. Right now the piece is in post-production. I will post some footage and pictures in a timming (Trini-talk for: I will post content soon).

In the meantime, I wrote about my trip for the Ryerson Catholic Chaplaincy Centre. The centre sponsored a huge portion of my trip. An excerpt and link is below.

“Two families invited us into their homes. If I didn’t have my camera and tripod I’d feel like someone who was invading their home. But with my equipment slung across my back like a sword I felt like an exploiter who just wanted to get as many shots as I could from this poor woman to enrich my documentary.” READ MORE


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