Back to the blog

Hello. Hello.

That was a nice blogging break. But back to it.

Over the next few weeks I will be interning at Ontario News Watch as a camera operator.

I will be covering the 2011 Ontario Provincial Election.

Look out for behind the scence photos, thoughts and, if I have the time, maybe some video too.

Meanwhile, since last we spoke, the Trini blogging and social media verse has been mashin’ up the place this summer.

Yes. Lot’s of Trini’s hit Twitter and Facebook when its national Carrier Caribbean Airlines crash landed in Guyana.

And recently with the state of emergency many are turning to Twitter and Facebook to vent support and even hatred for the policy that has the country on lockdown.

I’ve been paying attention whenever I get the chance.

On a happier note, though, many of my fellow Trini’s posted proudly Kes the Band’s performance on a local New York news show.

T’was pretty cool. Or as we say in Trinidad, “Meh pores RAISE!”


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