“Selfie” word of the year

I was the reporter assigned to do Tuesday’s obligatory “Selfie” story. You can watch it online HERE.

Yes, you news snobs can argue that it’s hardly news.

But you can also argue the Oxford Dictionary’s decision to elevate “Selfie” as the word of the year makes a profound statement about the age we live in.

Of course let’s not take ourselves too seriously. It’s hilarious that “selfie” is a word in the dictionary and the word of the year. And with a story like that naturally as a reporter you have fun with it and I did.


But on a more serious note, in preparation for my report I spoke with NSCAD photography instructor Adrian Fish and he reminded me that a “Selfie” is nothing new.

Photographers have been taking them for years, Fish says. It’s really called a self-portrait.

Nevertheless, it’s hard to deny that self-portraits have exploded because so many of us have smartphones.

And yes, this trend reeks of narcism, shallowness, immaturity and self-publicity, but, as Fisher explained, this fad also defines how we interact with media.

We photograph ourselves and by ourselves. No need for an experienced photographer.

We broadcast our own stories on Facebook and Youtube. Who needs the New York Times or the CBC?

Heck, even legacy media has hoped on board. As a video journalist, I shoot my news reports by myself; including my stand-ups (that part when the reporter appears on camera and talks).

We generate content of ourselves by ourselves.

We are a “Selfie” generation.


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