2015 is the year of elections.

In Inuvik we’ve seen both a municpal and federal election and on Nov. 23rd we will see a territorial election.

The benefit of being a reporter in a small town is that people often turn to you to moderate events that have some sort of political or informational value.

In October, both my colleague, Sarah Ladik with the Inuvik Drum, and I got a chance to co-moderate Inuvik’s municipal forum.

This week we also moderated the town’s territorial candidates forum which featured these contenders:

Inuvik Boot Lake

  • Alfred Moses (incumbent MLA)
  • Dez Loreen (Environmental Impact Review Board communications officer)

Inuvik Twin Lakes

  • Robert C. McLeod (incumbent minister)
  • Jimmy Kalinek

Have a listen to the full audio recording of the debate.

Or read the condensed version in this online story.