No More

webnews_iconForget about paying $1.50 for tommorow’s daily print edition. Instead get ready to fork over that same change for the newspaper’s web page or mobile web application.

A panel of young journalists answering the question of what’s next for news, said readers would start buying online content they usually viewed for free. Executive Producer Mary Sheppard moderated the five member panel, which, said print readers already pay for subscriptions, so, why wouldn’t they pay to get news, sports and other stories that interest them online.

These thoughts come as declining newspaper add revenues and fewer subscribers have left many people wondering how newspapers will earn money tomorrow.

Answering this question further, the panel said a multi-prong approach of pay walls, that require users to pay for content, traditional advertising, online subscribers and donations are some ways.

As media’s shifting tectonic plates continue to shake traditional models and redefine the newsscape, the panel also said the traditional role of journalists maybe changing as well.

Expressing this point Romina Maurino of the Canadian Press, said politicians where bypassing journalists for webcasting their messages and events live, as city news bureaus shrink or disappear.

“People who we’re trying to hold accountable think we’re irrelevant. Because they know where under fire. And because of that they get away with more things,” said Maurino.


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