UPDATED: Journalism. A business?

What is journalism? For some panelists at Tuesday’s Local TV Under Seige discussion, journalism is a business.

Face it, said both Sophia Hadzipetros and Mike Katrycz, to the audience of  journalists and professors and students of the profession in a Ryerson Journalism School lecture theatre, journalism is a business.

Fist of Money

Both speakers formed a panel of journalists and editors who discussed the fate of local Toronto TV Stations that were struggling to stay on air in these economic times.

Katrycz, is the news director at CHCH Hamilton, which almost closed this year before Channel Zero agreed to buy the station from Canwest Global Communications. Hadzipetros is the Managing Editor at CBC Toronto.

Following these comments, Adrian Bateman of CTV Windsor said news wasn’t a business but a public service.

Bateman, the Managing Editor at the station, said his news department enjoyed good ratings because of their commitment to basic principles of journalism.

However, Bateman did acknowledge that profits were certainly a requirement for journalism that couldn’t be neglected.

Despite, the news department’s success, CTV Windsor almost closed this summer, before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission invested more than $100 million into local television for 2009.

It’s unclear what will happen to CTV Windsor and other dependent stations when the money finishes.


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