Morning news revival- Amen & Halleluia

A year ago, maybe two, we were all lost like sheep without a shepherd. The future of local news seemed grim. Some stations looked set to close. And the job prospects for TV reporters seemed few. Back in 2009 I did a a blog touching on this gloom and doom in local news.

Suddenly this dark cloud has passed. The tempest has calmed. And local news is rising like the morning sun. As true as these are all clichés, more and more TV stations are adding morning shows. Yep. Global News Toronto is starting a morning show. CHCH Hamiliton’s morning show will start earlier at 4 am.

I was in Halifax, N.S. for the RTDNA- Association of Electronic Journalists national conference. I attended a session that discussed how local news is waking up to morning news. I wrote a short piece for Check it out.

“It wasn’t a matter of why should we, but why shouldn’t we [a weekend morning show],” added CP24 senior producer Linda Weber, “We’re on air Saturday any way. Why not?”


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